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Hello! I’m Shelby, founder and owner of Wild Grove Essentials.

The name Wild Grove was inspired by my childhood home. I grew up on a lush plot of land surrounded by a sea of cornfields. We had our own little oasis there. I ran every barefoot long before I knew grounding was a thing. I made ‘dirt angels’ in the freshly tilled garden with my dad and fried dandelion blossoms with my mom in the summer. I’ve always felt deeply rooted in nature and quite disconnected when I stray too far from it.

I started creating my own bath and body products for my sensitive skin. Over time, my fascination and love for creating handmade bath and body products continued to grow and I started formulating my own recipes for everything from lip balm to bath soaks to face serums to essential oil blends.

As a maker and a lover of nature, I found myself pulled on along this path to create things that make people feel nourished, cared for, and loved. So, I created Wild Grove Essentials.

I’m so grateful that you’re here, it truly means the world to me.