Hello! I’m Shelby, founder and owner of Wild Grove Essentials.

We believe that everyone should be able to use products that smell amazing and are safe for their bodies and homes. Our goal is to make essential oil products approachable, convenient, and easy to use so that more people can make the switch to natural products, even in realistic and modern-day lives.

I started Wild Grove Essentials because I have a love (and need, due to sensitivities) to use only naturally scented products. I saw a big gap between conventional products scented with fragrance and expensive, inaccessible essential oils. That gap is closing and we're happy to be one of the small businesses filling it.

Our products don't require complicated blending or extensive knowledge. Our essential oil blends and products make it easy to bring aromatherapy into your life.

We thoughtfully source the pure essential oils and other natural ingredients we use in our products to keep prices accessible while still being 100% natural.