10 Little Acts of Self-Love

10 Little Acts of Self-Love

There is beauty and value in creating small self-love moments throughout the day to help you feel cared for. Working these little acts of self-love into your day can make a big difference. Here are 10 ideas that take just a few minutes or less. 
1. Make yourself a good cup of coffee: taking a few minutes a day to make your favorite cup of coffee (or drink of choice) is a great way to show yourself that you’re worth it, first thing in the morning.
2. Take something off of your to-do list: you always put to many things on your to-do list. Take something unimportant or not-urgent off of your to do list to give yourself a little more time to slow down.
3. Write yourself a love note on a post-it: stick it on your mirror, desk, or calendar.
4. Create a ‘fancy’ snack plate: swap the granola bar for a quick but well put together snack like sliced apples, cheese, and crackers. Put it on a real plate (or container if traveling). This small act feels like such a treat in the middle of the day. 
5. Massage your feet: this is an area that’s easy to massage yourself. Give your tired feet some love. 
6. Roll on your favorite essential oil: roll it on your wrists and neck, take a deep breath, and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits.
7. Put on fresh clothes: if you’re feeling a little ‘blah,’ putting on some fresh clothes can make a huge difference.
8. Wash your face: similar to changing your clothes, a quick refresh might be the small act of self-love you need when you’ve been neglecting to care for yourself.
9. Relax your body: are you holding tension on your body? Relax the muscles of your face, your shoulders, back, and pelvic floor.
10. Take a deep breath: stop what you’re doing, give yourself a moment to rest, and just take a deep breath.
If you haven’t today, take a few moments to love yourself.

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