14 Best Essential Oils for Meditation

14 Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Top 15 Essential Oils for Meditation

Each essential oil has a different effect on your mind and body, from relaxing to centering to uplifting. All of these essential oils will help support your daily meditation habit, so choose the ones you feel most drawn to.

Another note, some essential oils are more expensive than others. This is because some are harder to obtain and distill, but that doesn't mean that they're better than other essential oils.

You don't need expensive essential oils to reap the benefits of aromatherapy, so choose oils that are in your price range. Any essential oils that are linked will lead you to our shop, where we currently have a focus on inexpensive (but still high quality) essential oils.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is our top pick to diffuse during meditation and it’s probably the most well-known essential oil for meditation. It has been used for thousands of years across cultures and religions and is well known for increasing spiritual awareness.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender, a tried and true favorite essential oil of many, is also great for meditation.

Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular relaxing essential oils. It is cost-effective and incredibly calming, so it’s perfect for diffusing during meditation to help you let go of the day and relax.

3. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood is another popular essential oil for yoga and meditation. Sandalwood essential oil is grounding and can help bring more clarity into your meditation practice. It has a wonderful, woody scent.

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang essential oil is beneficial to a meditation or yoga practice for many reasons. It's know to balance energy and help you filter out negative energy.

Its bright scent is floral and uplifting. This is a strong smelling essential oil, so use sparingly.

5. Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is a is a relaxing, stress-relieving essential oil. For this reason, roman chamomile is a great option to use for nighttime meditations or evening wind-down routines.

6. Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood is another great grounding essential oil. It's ideal for using on days when you're filled with worry. 

It has a woodsy scent that blends well with lavender, chamomile, and frankincense.

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a great addition to any meditation practice because it's inexpensive and packs a big punch of focus and mental clarity.

Though peppermint essential oil is great all day, it's ideal for morning meditations, moving meditations, or quick brain-breaks during your workday.

8. Vetiver Essential Oil

You can create a sense of grounding in your meditation by incorporating vetiver essential oil.

It has a somewhat grassy smell and mixes well with ylang ylang, cedarwood, and citrus oils.

9. Palo Santo Essential Oil

You might have heard of smudging palo santo to cleanse a space. I much prefer to diffuse palo santo essential oil to receive its benefits.

Palo Santo is known as a spiritual oil and was historically used to cleanse negative energy. It also has a calming effect, making it ideal for meditation practice.

10. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary sage essential oil can help disperse negative energy and it also has a calming and relaxing effect. Try adding clary sage to your evening mindfulness and meditation routine.

11. Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine is uplifting and stimulating. It is a great essential oil to use in a morning meditation to start your day with a fresh mind. It’s also a great one to have on hand for mini-breaks throughout the day when you need a pick-me-up.

12. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you’re having trouble breathing or focusing on the breath, try diffusing eucalyptus during meditation. Eucalyptus essential oil can support respiratory functions, which is an important part of meditation.

13. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchoili is a great essential oil to use for meditation because it can help bring a sense of clarity. This clarity can help you stay present, see situations for what they are, and cultivate a healthy mindset. 

14. Deep Dreath (Blend)

Deep Breath is an essential oil blend that we make in-house. It's designed to help open up your airways, which can help you to focus on your breath during meditation practice.

It's an uplifting blend of lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils.

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