6 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On

6 Ways To Use Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On

Once, someone at a coffee shop saw me using essential oils and asked what my favorite oil was. Without thinking, I said peppermint. They looked baffled and told me their favorite essential oil is sandalwood.
How could I, an essential oil business owner, pick one of the simplest oils as my favorite? Instead of something expensive and luxurious like sandalwood?
I stand by my choice of peppermint essential oil. Inexpensive essential oils can have amazing benefits. Their affordability makes them more accessible for everyone to enjoy aromatherapy. Generally, the price comes down to how easy a plant is to grow, harvest, and distill, not how effective the oil is.
I use peppermint essential oil constantly, and my favorite way to use it is as a roll-on.

6 Ways You Can Use Peppermint Essential Oil Roll-On:

  1. Apply it to your chest. The menthol in peppermint will give a similar affect to a chest rub.
  2. Peppermint improves concentration. Inhale peppermint when sitting down to work or when you need to focus on a task.
  3. Take peppermint essential oil on road trips and roll on your neck and inhale for motion sickness. Though it's never a replacement for medical attention, many people find that peppermint eases their nausea.
  4. Peppermint can ease muscle tension. Try rolling it on your feet, back, neck, and other tired muscles at the end of a long day.
  5. When the weather is warm, roll peppermint on the back of your neck and behind your ears to create a cooling sensation.
  6. It's sharp, bright scent can boost your mood and reduce stress. Roll it on your wrists and inhale for its therapeutic benefits.

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