How To Create a Meditation Space At Home

How To Create a Meditation Space At Home

Creating a meditation space in your home shouldn’t be complicated or cost much (if any) money. So in this post, I’m sharing how you can create a meditation space in 3 easy steps to create the perfect place to meditate, even if you’re a beginner!

I’m very sensitive to the space around me, and I know everyone is affected by their surroundings at some level, even if they don’t notice it.

You don’t need the perfect space to meditate, and you certainly don’t need to dedicate a whole room or any money into your meditation space. But it is helpful to create a space that supports your meditation practice.

Creating a great meditation space is kind of like creating a perfect gym. Having the gym won’t automatically make you a better athlete. You still have to show up and put in the effort. But having the best space possible can increase your chance of success!

1. Choose Your Space

When creating a place for meditation, start by selecting a space that you will do your meditation every day. I’ve found that meditating in the same spot every day helps solidify the habit, which makes it easier to practice every day.

As I said, there’s absolutely no need to dedicate a whole room for meditation. Instead, think about the spaces you already have.

Is there a space that rarely gets used that you could turn into a meditation sanctuary? What is the most distraction-free zone in your home? Which place has the best natural light?

I meditate in my home office. It’s a small office, with the only furniture items being my desk, my office chair, one shelving unit, and my great-grandparents rocking chair.

The rocking chair never got used – it just took up space. But it was very comfortable. And, it was in my office, so I could close off the door to deter cats from sitting on my lap during meditation. It is right by a window, so I get the morning light.

You can meditate in a cozy chair in a corner somewhere. You might find that sitting on your bed or on the floor of your bedroom is the quietest and most comforting space to meditate. If you can barely find a quiet place to meditate, you might have to resort to creating a sanctuary out of your bathroom to get relief from family.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just find the best place that already exists in your home. We will tweak it a bit in steps 2 and 3 to make it comfy and inspiring!

2. Make it Comfy

Most beginners meditate sitting upright in a chair with their back supported – this is still how I meditate unless I’m meditating after flowing through yoga.

I can’t get my back comfortably on the back of the chair while my feet are perfectly flat on the floor. So, I remedy this by leaving a (stylish) pillow in the chair. It supports my back, and since I leave it there, it’s one less step in my meditation habit, which makes it easier to keep up.

If you meditate in a chair, your first step will be to find the best chair you have for your practice. And then, fix it up with pillows and blankets to make it comfortable so that you can reduce fidgeting during meditation.

If possible, use pillows and blankets that you love to look at so you can keep them out to make meditating less of a hassle.

If you don’t have a comfortable chair or you prefer to meditate sitting crosslegged on the floor, you can use pillows, cushions, or a meditation cushion, or yoga mat to create your comfy space.

In terms of a ‘comfy’ space, also take into consideration the temperature of the room. If possible, control the temperature of that space to make it comfortable for meditation if it isn’t already.

2. Make it Inspiring

Creating an inspiring meditation space not only helps to deepen your practice, but it also helps you get excited to meditate every day! And meditating regularly is crucial for getting all the benefits.

What makes your meditation space inspiring will look different for everyone. But as a rule of thumb, try to keep your meditation space clutter-free and clean. A messy space can be distracting for your mind. And although you may love bold colors elsewhere, a more neutral meditation space will help calm the mind.

Beyond that, it’s up to you to figure out what helps inspire your meditation practice! Make it personal and space that truly speaks to you. Here are some ideas.


Before I begin my morning meditation, I always start my diffuser.

Essential oils are a great way to support your meditation practice because smells affect our limbic system, and our limbic system deals with our emotions, memories, instincts, and stimulation. You can use different oils to influence your mind, like to create a sense of grounding or improve focus.

Essential oils are my favorite way (and arguably the best way) to incorporate aromatherapy into your meditation practice. You can diffuse them, spray them, roll them on, or just smell them. But you can also use incense or candles (use all-natural, or you won’t get the benefits of aromatherapy) if you prefer.

Inspiring Art or Photos

Including inspiring are or photos in your meditation space can give you something positive to focus on and lift your spirits.

You might include inspiring quotes, pictures of family, a photo of a religious figure, pictures of nature, or any other artwork that speaks to you!

I have plants in my office, and so I can look at them before closing my eyes to meditate.

We actually feel better when we are connected to nature in some way. Adding a bit of nature into your meditation space can be soothing as well as help you connect to the bigger picture of life.

My favorite indoor plants are snake plants, peperomia, pothos, and aloe. Sometimes, I find nibble marks on my plants, but my cats tell me they aren’t sure how that happens.

Calming Decor

If you’ve got a crazy busy mind (like pretty much all of us), then adding in some calming decor will help create an environment that helps you relax.

But don’t add too much calming decor, because clutter is not calming.

Try adding just a few items, like a salt lamp, pillows, a throw blanket, candles, books, or decorative items that help create a soothing space.

Meditation is an amazing practice to work into your lifestyle because it’s a practice that benefits all aspects of your life.

I hope you enjoy creating a meditation space in your home and enjoy it even more every time you use it.

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