How To Create a Self-Care Retreat at Home

How To Create a Self-Care Retreat at Home

Self-care should be a priority for all of us. It’s how we rest, recharge, and connect with ourselves. But sadly, in our crazy busy lives, self-care often gets forgotten or left out.

It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. But in order to live our best, most beautiful, most vibrant lives, we need to practice self-care.

An at-home self-care retreat isn’t a replacement for regular self-care. But it will help recharge you if you’ve been neglecting self-care, and it can be a helpful event to schedule into your life regularly.

A self-care retreat is a scheduled time to rest and give yourself the love and care you need.

One of the best parts of creating and enjoying a self-care retreat at home is that it’s super low cost! You can create your retreat for $0, or spend a small amount of money on items to pamper yourself.

So, since self-care is super important and you can create your own retreat for free, there’s no reason not to do it! Whether you’re stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, completely drained, OR you’re just trying to maintain wellness, you deserve a self-care retreat.

So let’s dive in! You can plan your self-care retreat in these 7 steps.

1. Plan It

In our crazy lives, it’s important to schedule time for self-care. Otherwise, it might not get done. So, plan your retreat ahead of time.

Block out a chunk of time in your calendar, whether it’s a whole day or just an afternoon. Truly write it down and make it official. Then, make sure to keep your appointment with yourself. If people ask if you’re busy at that time, you can confidently tell them that you are.

It’s also helpful to plan out what you’re going to do during your retreat. Planning in advance can prevent the overwhelm of trying to figure out what to do in the moment. And, it can keep you from accidentally scrolling social media or binge-watching Netflix.

We've included some ideas in steps 4-7 below, but do whatever makes you feel best. I recommend choosing one thing each for your mind, body, and soul. And then I also love adding in something just for fun. Having all 4 activities in your self-care retreat makes it a well-rounded experience.

2. Create a Relaxing Space

Make sure you have a relaxing space to have your self-care retreat in. Don’t worry about having the perfect space, just work with whatever you’ve got. And get creative if you have to.

First, pick your space – preferably away from kids or distractions. If the weather is nice, you can have your retreat outside. Of course, you don’t need to stay confined to one room but choosing one area for your at-home retreat can make it feel more official, give you personal space away from family, and give you a place to get set up with everything you need.

If you can, try to tidy up your space before your self-care retreat starts. A tidy space can help ease your mind so you can really enjoy it.

Finally, add relaxing touches like candles, essential oils, and cozy blankets. Stock your space with snacks and drinks. This self-care retreat should tend to your needs, but it should also feel like a treat.

3. Unplug

Taking a break from technology is often essential for self-care. It helps us rest, relax, and connect with ourselves. Unplug from the items you can during your retreat so that you can focus on yourself and your needs without accidentally getting sucked into technology.

4. Do Something For Your Mind

Incorporate something for your mental health into your self-care retreat. Our minds are going 24/7 with thoughts, worries, and emotions. They deserve a rest and probably a bit of mindful attention.

Doing something for your mind will, of course, look different for everyone. I like to meditate and do a brain dump to clear my mind from stress and overthinking. You might try journaling, doing a mindful activity like coloring, or even doing a puzzle. Find an activity that helps you let go of the business in your mind and find a little peace.

5. Do Something For Your Body

There are so many loving ways you can care for your body. You might go for a walk, do yoga, or take a bath if you need to relax. You can cook a great meal for yourself – something that makes your body feel good. If you love being pampered, doing a facial and a manicure is a great option. And if you’re exhausted, make time to rest or even sleep in.

6. Do Something For Your Soul

Tending to your mind and body helps you rest and reset. But tending to your soul can fill you up, excite you, and motivate you. Take time in your retreat to do something that truly fills you up.

I love to draw or create something for my home because creating things fills me up. You might read your favorite book, create a vision board, make a really good cup of coffee, write down everything you love about yourself, or spend time in nature.

7. Do Something Just For Fun

Indulge, we dare you to.

It’s import to schedule time for your guilty pleasures and fun activities. That way, you don’t feel like you’re wasting time. You get to enjoy the things you do just for fun without feeling guilty because you planned for it. And, the things we do just for fun help us disconnect from the stress of our lives so we can go in with a fresh mind.

Whether it's painting, reading a novel, or playing Animal Crossing, the key here is to do whatever you do intentionally. Make sure you tend to your mind, body, and soul first and set a limit on your guilty pleasure activity.

If you're looking for even more self-care (and to add luxury into your self-care retreat), check out our free guide, Essential Oils for Self-Care. You'll learn all about our 10 favorite essential oils for self-care and lots of ways to use them all. Sign up below and we'll send it right over :)

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