September Update

September Update

September is here, can you believe it?

Today marks the very first shop update. Each month, I'll write out a news post with everything that's going on at Wild Grove Essentials.

I'll cover everything from what's going on behind the scenes, new products we're working on, and updates on our ongoing efforts toward sustainability.

Our New Location

We're officially moved to St. George, Utah.

This may slightly affect shipping costs depending on where you live in the US, but remember that every order over $35 ships free.

For the time being, we will not be doing pickup orders. 

We've Gone Wholesale

I'm so excited to announce that Wild Grove Essentials is now available for Wholesale orders!

If you own a business or know someone who does that you think would be a good fit for our products, you can shop wholesale here

We Made Our First Reel

I love sharing helpful content about essential oils, natural products, and self-care. Usually, blogging is my sweet spot, but this week we made our first reel on Instagram!

It was actually surprisingly fun (although somewhat frustrating) to make. Some of you are already enjoying and benefiting from it, which makes my heart happy.

Video content is such a good way to share easy-to-consume tips and ideas. If you like learning about essential oils and getting inspired with self-care ideas, be sure to follow us on Instagram as more reels will most definitely be coming soon!

Fall Launch


Fall is fast approaching. Now that we're settled in, it's about dang time we launched some new products!

This month, we'll be focusing on adding more affordable essential oils to our inventory that are perfect for the fall season.

We're talking the best of spicy and woodsy scents to really get you excited for autumn.

We'll also be adding a new flavor of lip balm - cinnamon! I know some of you are die-hard cinnamon lip balm fans. This one's for you.


Why We're Still Using Vinyl Labels

We avoid plastic as much as we can since it's not very sustainable compared to other options, but sometimes it's not possible or not the best choice.

Currently, our product labels are still made from vinyl - a form of plastic.


Although sustainability is a high priority at Wild Grove Essentials, the health and safety of our customers is even more important. Essential oils and natural oils can quickly damage the ink and paper on paper labels making them illegible.

Our product labels contain important information about the ingredients, how to use them, and safety information. It's unsafe for both our customers and our company if this information isn't easily found.

Will you always use vinyl labels?

No, our plan is to eventually transition to a more sustainable label like paper with algae ink. Before we can make the switch, we have to test various labels with all of our products to find the best solution.

As a small business, this may take time. Just know that although not everything we do is perfectly sustainable, we make the best choices we can with what's available to us.

Reusing Packing Materials

For around 6 months, we gathered every box and packing material we could find from friends and family for our big move out to Utah. We wound up only having to purchase some tape.

Now that all of our stuff is unpacked in our new home, we've got piles and piles of boxes and packing supplies sitting in our garage.

Taking inspiration from my former boss and mentor at Hoosier Candle Company, it's silly to throw anything away when it can be reused!

If you get an order packed in a funny looking box with a hodge-podge packing supplies, smiling knowing that it's 100% reused!

Sometimes you'll find our products shipped in plastic bubble wrap that we've reused from a supply order. Again, plastic isn't the best option, but reused material is always better than buying something new. 

That wraps up this month's update, thanks for following along! You can head to our blog for ideas and inspiration or shop our products here

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