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Wild Grove Essentials

Roll-On Essential Oils

Roll-On Essential Oils

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Roll-ons are a great way to enjoy essential oils because they are used as-is, no diffuser needed. Just aromatherapy whenever and wherever you need it! 

Each roll-on is lovingly handmade with pure essential oils and natural jojoba oil as a carrier. These are 10ml pre-diluted roller bottles that are skin-safe. Used as perfume or aromatherapy on the go.

Please see photos for scent descriptions!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I have them EVERYWHERE!

I can’t even tell you how many of these roller bottles I own! I have them in my bathroom, my gym bag, my desk at work, my purse, they are everywhere. It’s because they are perfect to use for everything anytime! The perfect smell goods in the perfect travel size.

Taylor James
So many good ones!

Let me just tell you I leave multiple of these in places I go to everyday! Deep Breathe, Citrus Sunshine, and Focus has a beautiful spot right on my desk! The quality of them is top notch!