Cedarwood Essential Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Let's talk about Cedarwood Essential Oil, shall we?

I don't think cedarwood gets quite enough attention, so I'm giving it a spotlight today because I'm personally obsessed with it.

First, it's an inexpensive and accessible essential oil, our 10ml bottle is just $8.50. Regardless, it has great aromatherapy benefits (aromatherapy doesn't have to be expensive)!

The cedarwood essential oil we source for Wild Grove Essentials is Himalayan cedarwood, with its botanical name being Cedrus Deodora. To make the essential oil, the wood of the cedar tree, a tall evergreen, is steam distilled.

The scent of cedarwood essential oil is sweet and woody. It's a cozy scent that's perfect all year, but perfect for fall (which is coming very soon). 

Cedarwood is well-loved for aromatherapy. Its calming scent is known to help relax both the mind and body. This oil is great for calming the nerves, reducing stress, and helping you feel more grounded.

If you love the benefits of lavender but need a break from the floral scent or like something more woody or masculine, cedarwood is a great option.

It has benefits outside of aromatherapy as well. This oil is great for combating orders and is nourishing for the skin.

Ways to Use Cedarwood:

  • Inhale deeply straight from the bottle when you're trying to focus, clear your head, or become more grounded
  • Add 1-2 drops to a diffuser bracelet during your workday to stay focused
  • Blend with other calming oils and diffuser during meditation, in the evening, or at bedtime
  • Mix with other oils to create a DIY room spray
  • Add a few drops to your favorite skincare products for an extra skincare boost
  • Add 10-15 drops to an Epsom salt bath

Cedarwood smells great on its own, but smells even better when blended.

What to blend with cedarwood:

If you've never used cedarwood before, or don't really know what to do with it, I hope this inspires you to try something new this week!

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