Floral...But Not TOO Floral: The Process of Creating a Balanced Essential Oil Blend

Floral...But Not TOO Floral: The Process of Creating a Balanced Essential Oil Blend

Did you know that before I (Shelby) made essential oil blends and handmade body products, I actually made candles? Candle making was my very first job in high school and got me through parts of college. Then, after I quit my office job, candle making was a homecoming to making things by hand.

The candle shop I worked for was homey and made comforting-smelling candles like bakery scents. I remember we would stand around and test fragrance oils only to be appalled by floral scents because they were SO floral - sometimes headache-inducing - and revert right back to bakery scents.

When it comes to floral scents, I’ve never been a fan of artificial ones, but I actually really enjoy natural floral scents in moderation. I know a lot of people can be wary of floral essential oils because they can be strong and overpowering (and maybe remind you of those crazy strong room sprays). In fact, I know quite a few people who won’t give floral essential oils a chance at all because of bad experiences with strong floral scents in the past.

My goal with creating essential oil blends is to craft scents that are balanced in both scent profile and aromatherapy benefits. That goes for floral scents too.

If you’ve been avoiding floral essential oils, it might be time to give them a second chance with this blend that’s floral but not too floral.

Meet Wildflower.

She’s a cute little blend of floral geranium and ylang ylang balanced with tangerine and black spruce. Combined, these 4 oils balance out to create a sweet, floral, and earthy blend that will remind you of walking through a field of wildflowers. This blend will lift your spirits and soothe your soul. 

The scent profile starts with geranium, which is a slightly herbaceous and middle-note floral essential oil. This is blended with ylang ylang, from a tropical flowering tree with sweet-smelling blooms that are popular in the use of perfumes. Together these two oils are quite strong, but they balance out beautifully when combined with citrusy-sweet tangerine and the soft, evergreen scent of black spruce.

Use Wildflower Essential Oil Blend in your diffuser, on diffuser jewelry, and in your own unscented products. You can also find this scent in our Bath & Shower section as Wildflower Mini Fizzies to use in your baths, showers, or foot soaks!

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